Main Propulsion Remote Control Systems

Various Main Propulsion Remote Control Systems for all kind of ships, small workboats up to large seagoing vessels equipped with diesel engines, controllable pitch propeller, gears, water jet or other propulsion systems. A control system for azimuth thruster, even with hybrid arrangement and direction control is designed and produced from marine technik GmbH.
Marine Technik Main Propulsion
Marine Technik Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Systems

The complete engine room including main and auxiliary machinery compressors, pumps and tanks will be monitored by our advanced and approved Alarm Monitoring System MAS with master and substations, marine computer and colour monitors in the engine control room and the wheelhouse.

Anti Heeling Control Systems

The Anti Heeling Control System AHS is used to control the horizontal position of the vessel, e.g. during loading of containers. The control system will arrange pumping of ballast water from the starboard to port heeling tanks and vice versa, supported by remote controlled valves.
Marine Technik Anti Heeling
Marine Technik Valve RC

Valve Remote Control Systems

The piping system of a vessel is equipped with Remote Controlled Valves, with hydraulic, pneumatic or electric operated actuators. The control of the valve is arranged by a PLC and a marine computer with colour VDU or a mimic diagram. Open / close or continues control with indication of the position is pro-vided and can be combined with the Tank Level Gauging System.

Switch Boards

Main and Emergency Switch Boards

Main Switch Boards and Emergency Switch Boards are designed and manufactured tailor made based on class standards according to customers requirements. The components for assembly are selected from major maker of circuit breakers, contactors and similar, such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and others.
Marine Technik Switch Boards
Marine Technik Starter Panels

Starter Panels

Various Starter Panels for motors, pumps, fans and other equipment and consumers are energized by Direct Operation (DO) Contactors, Softstarter or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Distribution Panels

Distribution Panels for 3 phase and single phase AC, as well as DC power supply / Distribution Panel with Back-Up Battery are manufactured according to our standard design, but can also be tailor made and customized. The panels can be wall mounted or freestanding cabinets incl. Circuit Breakers, Fuse Switches for various purposes and capacities.
Marine Technik Distribution Panels
Marine Technik Control Consoles

Control Consoles

Control Consoles for the wheelhouse, wings or the engine control room (ECR) are ergonomically designed and equipped as requested for the relevant newbuilding. Our solutions are tailormade for the needs of our customers.

Amplifiers, Converters and Sensors

marine technik GmbH manufactures and supply a range of sensors, amplifiers and converters, used for marine and industrial applications. Sensors are detecting temperature, pressure, RPM, trim and heeling, as well as conductivity in oily water separators.
Marine Technik Amplifier
Marine Technik Amplifier